Look: when God made me he was like: yo bro we better make this dude a fucking legend.
And he did.

What is a Daniel Stolzlederer?

Daniel Stolzlederers are divine creatures created to provide joy and happiness. Like, they are soooo smart and creative and dope. Some would call them "mad dope". If you ended up on this website, it means that your timeline/reality has been blessed with a Daniel Stolzlederer. That's great! You can use his full potential by: consuming his music/"art", hiring him for scoring work or ask for spiritual guidance. Either way he'd be extremely happy and thankful. Go had and explore this page. It's full of surprises. 

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Daniel in the studio making music for the G.O.D.

Daniel Makes Music (lol)

Since the dawn of creation Daniel made music. He made so much that people called him "manic", "genius" or simply "prolific". He released over 30 albums. Some can be found here.

Since 2022 Daniel started making professional hyperpop with his beautiful Wife Eliška. Together they form the holy trinity BLUEBUNNY & twinflamegirl.

BLUEBUNNY & twinflamegirl

Here you can find our latest video.

We're doing this for you guys!

In 2022 BLUEBUNNY & twinflamegirl met through a divine intervention. They started making beautiful tunes in the law of one reshaping the global consciousness. "BBtfg" is music designed for ascension. What started off as song recorded in a bedroom transformed into one of the most important spiritual movements of our current age. BBtfg is music, paintings, visuals, videos, magic and love. It's time to spread positivity again. The world needs you <3

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